June 2, 2020

27 Halloween Spooky Cupcakes You’ll Ever Have

Halloween can not go without Halloween treats.  Halloween means it’s the time for munching on those creamy, delicious and moist cupcakes.

What makes it even more special is that we get to make those cupcakes right in our home with our own hands. You can also serve it with your other Halloween desserts. You can also get store-bought Cupcakes and just do the spooky decoration on top by yourself.

During Halloween period, you can make your cupcakes a little spooky by making a spider on it or any other spooky things. Any cupcake which has scary and spooky effect will be a hit for your party.

These days you can even buy spooky Halloween themed Cupcake toppers from cakes. You can use different  food colors to do the decoration with frosting or sprinklers.


Pretzel Chocolate Spider Cupcakes


Source:  The Novice Chef